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Men’s Underwear

Men’s Underwear – There are three traditional types of underwear for men: boxers, briefs and boxer briefs. There are also bikini briefs and thongs. Some types are appropriate for formal clothing, while others are appropriate for active wear. Comfort, airflow and durability are essential features you must look for when purchasing them. Some men’s underwear also come with additional benefits, like odour protection and rapid drying technology. Support varies between the types of underwear as well. Whether buying a pair of underwear individually or in a multi-pack, the amount of support and comfort provided greatly depends on the fit, sizing may vary between brands.

The type of underwear a man needs depends greatly on his activity and his clothing. Briefs and boxer briefs are fit snugly enough that their lines won’t show through clothing like suits and chinos. They also offer plenty of support for activities like exercising and playing sports. Men’s boxers work well with loose-fitting clothing and jeans. You also must consider whether the underwear is low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise. A mid-rise pair sits on your natural waistline and works best with regular cut jeans, while a high-rise option is suitable for high-waisted trousers.

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