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Men’s Shorts

Cargo shorts are the modern world version of the Armed Forces’ ubiquitous uniform. Functional in nature with many pockets and loosely fitted for comfort, this is the go-to warm weather choice for those who want practical, stylish comfort. Men’s shorts come in a variety of cuts, lengths, fabrics, colours and sizes. The only common detail are the handy pockets. Washing instructions will depend on the fabric but most items are easy to maintain and wear. Pair with a soft and comfortable tee shirt for an effortless, casual weekend outfit or a crisp button down for Sunday brunch. Your warm weather wardrobe is complete.

Comfort and utility come together in cargo shorts. Born out of the military tradition of uniformity and practicality, these are a timeless and easy foundation for most warm weather outfits. Dressed up or dressed down, men’s shorts do not have to be relegated to just your backyard.

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