Baby Dresses – Shopping Smart and Cheap

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Baby Dresses - Shopping Smart and Cheap

Baby Dresses – Shopping Smart and Cheap

Baby Dresses

Baby Dresses – Your baby is simply a little you and there is no one who can stop you from making her look as adorable as you possibly can. It is therefore very tempting to go for a shopping spree and buy all those cute baby dresses with only one thing in mind – how your cute bundle of joy will look.

However, you can buy all these pretty dresses but later find out you could have done the shopping in a way that benefits you and your little one better. There are a few things you can keep in mind when shopping for baby dresses that will ensure that you will get value for money.

Safe dresses

Normally, baby dresses come with attractive accessories like flowers and bows which make them look very cute. However, these items can end up choking your girl if she is able to pull them off. If you already have dresses which have these parts, you should tag at them firmly to make sure they cannot come off.

You can check the firmness of these items every time your child is to wear the dress since they come loose gradually during washing. You can also decide to buy dresses that do not have these items. Before you clothe your child in a dress, it is a good idea to check whether there are any loose strings which could tangle her fingers or toes.


Comfort is everything for your child since she has no idea how she looks. The fabric of baby dresses should be soft and gentle to the skin since the skin of your daughter is very sensitive. Dresses made from cotton or fabric that has a certain percentage of cotton are known to be soft and comfortable to the skin. You can ensure that the dress you want to buy is comfortable for your baby by running the inside of the dress against your skin to feel for any roughness.

There are baby dresses which do not have tags but have size and washing information printed at the neck of the dress. These dresses can cause your daughter to have a rash at the neck and it is safer to buy dresses which have tags. You can always pull off the tag and ensure the dress is comfortable for your child.


The size of baby dresses that you buy will determine how long your daughter will be able to wear them. Before your daughter is born, you cannot be too sure how small or big she will be. You can therefore buy a few dresses which will keep you going for a few weeks until you are sure about her size.

If you are on a tight budget, you can decide to do your shopping after the baby shower to avoid too much duplication. It is a good idea to buy dresses which are larger than your daughter since she will outgrow fitting clothes much sooner than you expect. As a rule of thumb, you can buy dresses which are meant for babies that are double her age and this can work well until she is two years old.

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